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Our Partners

Restek Corporation. We are official Restek company representative in Republic of Belarus. Almost any company production, which you can point in catalogue, would be shipped to you maximally fast (Restek sees only yours order, but not big pack of orders).

JSC "Aquilon" production of analytical equipment and accessories in the field of liquid chromatography and ionometry. Laboratory accesories and methodical support. The liquid chromatographs "Stayer" is registered as measuring mean in Russian Federation and in Republic of Belarus.

SDB "Chromatec" Producer of gas chromatographs of "Crystall" series. Gas chromatographic solutions, GC "Crystall-2000M" and "Crystall-5000". Gas chromatographs are registered as measuring mean in Russian Federation and in Republic of Belarus.
New Analytical Systems is authorised dealer of "Chromatec" also as service center and solution provider for complete GC complexes bases on "Crystall" series chromatographs. Please contact NAS for GC solutions.

JSC "Spectroscopic Systems". Equipment for atomic-emission and spectrometric analysis. Metallographic microscopy, precision pressure gauges, Röntgen spectroscopy. New specrometers and reenginering of legacy equipment.

JSC "Nauchpribor". Producer of microcolumn HPLC system family "MiliChrom".

"OIL & GAS" University of Ploiesti Department: Oil Refining and Petrochemistry Faculty,
Contact: Liviu FILOTTI - Assistant Professor (Dr., Eng.)

PETRODESIGN-UPG Contact: Andrei Cimpeanu, Process Engineer

Laboratory of Ordered Researches. Chromatography system upgrade. Custom analytical solutions.

MS Service Ltd. Equipment for gas, liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis.
Capillary electrophoresis systems PrinCE.

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