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Links to Interesting information services

Directory of Mozilla. Largest human-edited catalogue of Internet resources in the World.

GOOGLE. The most powerful search engine.

Stanislaw LEM. World Famous Philosopher and Futurologist.

Special Catalogues

Catalogue of Analytical Equipment Suppliers. Creator Andrey Ju. Zhdanov.
This catalogue is most complete and is used as information source by hundreds of search engines.

LAB.RU. Laboratory Equipment Suppliers of Eastern Europe and Russia.

ANCHEM.RU. Site maintained by Professionals for Professionals in Analytical Chemistry. Books, online publications, revisions, opinions...

ChemPort.RU Cool and comprehensive portal for Chemists. Resides resource catalogue.

ALANWOOD.NET Personal page dedicated to pesticide classification. Besides many other intersting things.

About Belarus

AKAVITA. Belarusian catalogue and rating system. In three languages (BEL,ENG,RUS).

Belarus Rating. Big catalogue of Belarus Net resources. In Russian.

NAVINKI. Belarus Social and political News, facts, analytics, comments.

Belarus Postcards. Send E-mail greetings from Belarus

Miscellaneous links

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