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The publications are sorted in reverse chronological order. The latest articles are at the beginning of list.
  1. Article "UniChrom - Common style of work with chromatographic equipment".
    Partners and Competitors, 1/2005. (PDF* file in Russian).
  2. Article "Chromatographic determination of impurities using Internal Standard Method"
    The Partners and Competitors, No 8, 2004, p. 35-39 (PDF* file in Russian).
  3. Article "Automotive petrols. The ways of falsification and the detection of them" (PDF* file in Russian).
    The Partners and Competitors, No 4, 2004, p. 24-31.
  4. Article "Determination of Inspected Parameters of Diesel Fuel" (PDF* file in Russian).
    Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils 6, 2003.
  5. E-Article "Chromatography Data Station - UniChrom for Linux"
  6. E-Article "Networked Chromatograph - what is it and how to make it".
  7. Article "Using the MAIN compound (solvent) as internal standard for gas-chromatographic impurities detection"
    Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 2003, vol 58, No 4, p. 416-420 (PDF* file in Russian).
  8. PittCon-2003 abstract (PDF* file, in English)
    Main Component (Solvent) as Internal Standard for Chromatographic Quantitative Analysis of Impurities
  9. PittCon-2003 abstract (PDF* file, in English)
    The Universal Chromatographic Data System - UniChrom
  10. PittCon-2003 abstract (PDF* file, in English)
    The Expert Gas Chromatographic System for Determination of Petrol Components and the Basic Inspected Parameters
  11. Abstracts of Third Scientific-Practical Conference and Exhibition"Quality Identification and Safety of Alcoholic Products".
    City of Puschino, September 26-29, 2001 p. 110-114. (PDF, in Russian)
    "Using of ethyl alcohol as internal standard for quantitative chromatographic measurements in vodka and ethyl alcohol".
  12. Article "Method of gas chromatographic analysis for automotive petrol" (PDF, in English)
    Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils. 2001. No4. p. 44-48.
  13. Article "Expert computer system for chromatography measurements and data processing “UniChrom-97” (PDF, in Russian)
    Instruments and Control Systems. No3, p 68-75.
  14. PittCon 2000 abstracts (PDF* file, in English)
    "The Automatic Gas Chromatographic System for determination of petrol components and the basic petrol parameters"
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