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Memorandum - to remember

People, who at present are the core of New Analytical Systems company, work together since 1990.
Our development since days of yore deployed in many states around the world.
When the process of new ideas production is pretty hard but pleasant thing and dropping it is not a good thing, and stealing ideas seems like a norm in post-soviet space, we decide to state and point to our own ideas and developments and declare theirs priority.
We do not go into trial with anybody, but we must declare the fields where we were first, ant where our flag with UniChrom name should stay.

Two markers for fragment selection

UniChrom DOS

Historically the first program for chromatographic measurements , which uses two markers (DMT - dual marker technology) was UniChrom 2.0 - DOS version developed in 1992-1993. Particular, the State Metrology Institute (then it was Minsk Centre of Standards and Metrology) still keeps archives since those days.

Certainly, using of two makers - is an evident idea, but it is - OURS.

At the picture shown UniChrom version 2.20 from August, 12, 1995.

Beside of DOS version there was Windows-3.1 version, which was functionally identical to DOS version except it can not acquire data (we do had not any experience in hardware programming under Windows then).

So, application of two markers for selection work fragment is our idea dated by 1992 .

Sliding axis on chromatogram Graph

Axis X and Y on graph got the capability dragging with mouse, when visible fragment less than full chromatogram, in UniChrom 3.0 DOS. This version works since 1996 on "Naftan" oil refinery. From that time all UniChrom versions have OURS sliding axis.

Tabs in chromatogram window

When Delphi 1.0 RAD appears first time, was made decision to direct our efforts to the field of Windows application development.
UniChrom 4.0 is Win-16 application, which worked both in Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.

In UniChrom 4.0 we have shown how to use Tabs (Tab Controls) for selecting different representation of analytical data.

Such sliced representation of different method aspects allows easily switch between "Chromatogram", "Peaks" table, "Method" etc.

UniChrom Win16

Chromatogram layers

The way of representation similar chromatograms as layer set (sheets) appeared in DOS UniChrom, but first this display mode was introduced in UniChrom 4.0 for Windows. First of all in this program was presented layer browser (at the picture in bottom-right corner), and since those times our program always with it. At the picture is the screenshot of UniChrom 4.0 from 1996 (it is archived somewhere).

We have developed the way displaying layers one above another and moving among them using layer navigator in 1996.

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