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The main direction of our activities in the field of analytical measurements is the enhancement and support of our chromatography and spectrometric data processing system UniChrom. Our development has several highlights which differ it from other data systems in the market, so we propose to have a look at them.

  1. First of all it is the support of different instruments in common style, and also the method translation between instruments.
  2. Second, there is possibility of control GC either as HPLC and measuring with ADC instruments in one program.
    UniChrom GC Instrument control UniChrom LC Instrument control UniChrom measures from any ADC
  3. Third, the unique scaleability, either in analytical instruments number as in acquisition channel number, which allows using UniChrom either in research laboratory as in industrial environment

The list of currently supported instruments and devices is quite large, so the devices are now separated by analytical technique or by implementation. Each device has its own producer, but please, before leaving this site and going to instrument producer web page, remember. This site is the place where all these apparats can live together in single environment - which we had named UniChrom.


with digital control

with digital control

connected via ADC module

any implementation of measuring system

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