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UniChrom V - The Computer Data System of 21st Century for Gas and Liquid Chromatography.

    UniChrom screenshot The most current version is:

    Complete Chromatographic System for Routine and Unique analysis.
    Great flexibility and connectability.

    Feel free to download and test!
    Supported in 7 languages. Ask for Your Language ...


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UniChrom V Linux Beta - The Computer Data System of 21st Century for Gas and Liquid Chromatography for Free (as in Freedom) operating system Linux.

    UniChrom screenshotThe most current version is:

    Feel free to download and test!




UniChrom DDK / SDK

    The free set of documents, samples, headers and scripts for creating custom instrument drivers for UniChrom system.

    Free support.

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The Gas Flow Calculator (FlowCalc) for capillary gas chromatography
"GC Calc" ver 1.0 - freeware
    Very useful tool for calculation of flow / pressure / linear velocity of carrier gas through capillary column at defined conditions.
    The general kinetic equations were used for calculation of the flow conditions of gas in tube with friction .
    Physical constants was taken from the Physics Handbook by A.Kikoin.
    The results are pretty good confined with the experiment.
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Flow meter "GC Timer" ver 1.0 - FREE
    Useful tool for old GC's with bubble flowmeters. Simple timer that calulates flow for specified volume between two time intervals.
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