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UniChrom tm
is fully automated Chromatographic Data System,
dedicated to simplify hard, routine work of Chemist,
dealing in a field of Gas and Liquid Chromatography.
Our product is positioned for serial and unique analysis of any kind of complexity.
Using UniChrom Your laboratory can give a new life to existing equipment and tie it together with new one.

Meet the UniChrom

UniChrom fully uses the capabilities of Windows operating system - multitasking and multithreading.

  • During data measurement You can work not only with other programs, but with itself too!
    It is only Yours decision - what and when to do!
  • UniChrom - unique chromatographic data processing system which allows processing data even in measurement time.

Download UniChrom

UniChrom™ works under operating systems - Microsoft Windows 9x, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7...

Current version is You can freely download UniChrom at our Download Center.

In 2005 started the UniChrom for Linux. Currently the project reached the beta stage and can be downloaded for test.

Drivers for
Aglient technologies HP-4890, HP-5890, HP-6890,
SDB "Chromatec" Crystall-2000M,
JSC "Biomashpribor" Cristallux-4000,
Shimadzu GC-17A,
JSC "Aquilon" "Stayer"
Lumex - "Fluorat-02-02M"

All these drivers are included in distributive. Full function GC/LC instruments support into UniChrom

What is new?

UniChrom is a live product and continuolsy changing to meet the customer and industry requirements.
See the Whats new and Improved list for latest updates.

Main highlights of our product

  • UniChrom ™ is a certified measuring device;
  • UniChrom supports different instrument in common style.
  • UniChrom sypports control of gas chromatography (GC) instruments.
  • UniChrom support control of high performance liquid chromatography instruments (HPLC).
  • UniChrom supports the set of different Chromatographic file formats
  • UniChrom allows converting file formats in batch (commandline mode)
  • Total computer control of all GC instrument parameters: Setting and controlling temperature of injector, column oven, detectors. Gas flow control.
  • Total computer control of all LC instrument parameters: Setting and controlling flows, pressure, graphic gradient development.
  • Digital control of popular Hewlett Packard / Agilent GC - HP-5890, HP-4890 and HP-6890.
  • Digital control of Shimadzu GC-17A gas chromatograph, data measurement over LabNet device wich give the instrument wide signal dynamic range and 24 bit resolution.
  • Digital control of wellknown Russian chromatograph "Crystall-5000", "Crystall-2000M"
  • Up To 16 instruments can be connected simultaneously to ONE computer.
    Data can be acquired and processed simultaneously for all the 16.
  • ADC LabNet - unique laboratory network ADC based on industry standard RS-485. Up to 32 analogue channels distributed across wide laboratory room without noise impact. No cables under feet.
    24 bit data resolution.
  • ADC LabNet - dynamic concentration range from 0.00001% to 100% with error of 0.03% without manual gain switching.
  • ADC LabNet can be connected nearly to any equipment which have analogue outputs.
  • Automatic concentration calculation by methods of Normalization, Internal and External standards.
  • No limits to number of calibration sequences.
  • Calibration curve on selected components (C=αA+β; C=αA; C=αA2+βB+γ; C=αAβ).
  • Adding a peak to calibration curve is a single mouse click!
  • Components identification using internal and external chromatographic libraries
  • Visual chromatogram comparison by overlaying them in a batch.
  • Built-in report generator.
  • Report creation directly to the Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer 3...6, MS Access and any other DDE and OLE compliant applications,
  • Program is working well under Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, Windows NT,Windows 2000, WIndows XP
  • Integration into existing corporate information systems
See the feature stories in UniChrom presentaition

Metrological support and system validation

Unichrom system validation procedure is approved. For system validation is used the generator of testing signals "GTS-1".


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