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Measuring devices development and production

Specialised and Custom Chromatographic solutions

We ship our software products with complete systems based on the following instruments:

Agilent 6890N / HP-6890 A/Plus are used to build high-quality instruments for detailed hydrocarbon analysis of petrol, petrol production, diesel fuels, oil refinery production. That is best choice for DHA application.
Main fields of application - DHA analysis, Vodka and Ethyl alcohol analysis. Research solutions.
Chromatec Crystall-5000.1 - budget solution for DHA applications. We ship these instuments with all UniChrom installations. The best Russian instrument.
Main fields of application - DHA analysis, Vodka and Ethyl alcohol analysis, Pestecide analysis, Natural Gas analysis, Research solutions.
MiliChrom-6. Smallest HPLC instrument with autosampler and multiwavelength detector. UniChrom is shipped with this instrument.
Stayer - Modular HPLC system. Up to 4 pumps. UniChrom software allow to built the system with "Stayer" modules and ADC of - LabNET, AquilADC and E-24 type

Terminal servers

X-PortSwitch - Hardware port server, that turns RS-232 capable instrument into Network Connected.

Laboratory measuring ADC network - LabNet ADC module

LabNETLabNETThe purpose of this device is simplification and unification of analog output devices to computer connection. LabNet ADC module module is a "brick" (it is sized as a brick) which is used to build masurement framework into laboratory or in industrial environment.

The main advantages:

  • Analog signal cables can be as short as possible to minimise noise impact, that is very important in industrial environment. The box is simply placed near signal source.
  • Digital output cable can be as long as needed to make computer workstation working place in safety and comfort.
  • 20-24 bit signal resolution (depending on sample rate) for both differential channels. The module is based on AD7710 (Analog Devices) sigma-delta ADC.
  • Wide dynamic range of built in low current amplified drives the measurement arange to 107.

Special form signal Generator GTS-1

GTS-1The product is intended for LabNet blocks metrological verification. The product can be named - hardware chromatogram imitator. The generator is the precise microprocessor controlled DAC with 16bit resolution. It generates triangular waveform signal that imitates chromatographic peaks in voltage (current) range of ADC Lnet. The area under triangular contour is known. Verification procedure is consists of LabNet registration of waveform and comparison of measured triangle area with tabulated initial.

The Counter - four channel frequency meter

The counter is a PC ISA board with four independent channels for frequency measurement in range (0..30Mhz). The board can be cascaded with two others, that allows up to 12 frequency measurement channels. Drivers for Windows 95, NT.

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