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New Analytical Systems Ltd software developments

Our company works in the field of computer measurements since 1994. Our employee were involved in different automation projects in chemical and physical measurements since 1988.

The main product line we are continuously developing and supporting is The UniChrom product line.

Universal Chromatography - UniChrom. The universal approach to chromos - (colour in Greek) spectrometry in general and to chromatography in particular.

Concerning the all collected experience we have built framework that allow us implement different kind of laboratory measurements and even different types of analysis in common way. Similar principle and single class framework was used for development such products as:

UniChrom - The Chromatography Data System (CDS). Making The Chromatography Universal. One common approach to different types of analysis in common environment. Maximum density of functions per kilobyte of code.

UniChrom-DHA. Detailed hydrocarbon analysis package realised as UniChrom external module connected with DHA database. Report generation is done using Microsoft Excel and OLE Automation.

UniChrom based solutions made using Microsoft Office as development environment and report generator.

n-Vision - Atomic Emission Data System in single bundle with Scanning Spectrometer Controller. Lots of instruments in single environment. Direct monochromator controller.

PortSwitch - Software port-server and mapper for communcation ports. The main tool for building measuring network environments.

Comm level abstraction - The driver development had pushed us toward instrument data connection abstraction. This is not a novel concept since same model is used in LabView package. Most of recently developed drivers do not care if they are working with real instrument, with log file or with TCP mapped instrument.

Instrument Driver development - The Comm Framework incorporated in all the newest driver allow development of new instrument driver in 2-3 weeks. The set of tools for creating GC/LC/ADC drivers is called UniChrom DDK and available for download.

LIMS - The different versions of hardcoded LIMS written by us in Delphi had shown - The real LIMS is a web server with SQL server (Apache+PHP+MySQL)- and nothing more. Middleware for lims connections is just plugins for existing datasystem.

All the download files are collected in Software Download Center.

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