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The universal spectrometric solution UniChrom n-VisiON

UniChrom n-VisiON
3d Spectrum View

The UniChrom n-VisiON was primarily developed for controlling spectrometers developed by
"Spectroscopic Systems JSC". The software solution is built entirely with UniChrom methodology and has the same approach to analysis technique and basic components of user interface.

Currently the n-VisiON software support the following different types of instrument control methods:

  1. Method for linear photo detector with fixed number of data points along the wavelength scale
  2. Method for scanning spectrometers.
  3. Variation of scanning method for adhesimeter, where the x-axis represents length.

Each of the method can control the "spectrometer" - entire system which in common case contains the following parts: spectrometric detector, one or more monochromators, light source, sampler device. The spectrometer is configured form the available components through the configuration menu. Most of the components can work either using standard COMM port or using LAN TCP/IP software mapping solutions or hardware devices.

Each of the methods types has the set of instruments supported under n-VisiON.

Download the DEMO in ENG and RUS language

EMAS-200 atomic emission spectrometer
Producer: JSC Spectroscopic Systems


SMA. Multielement linear photodetector for spectrometric instruments

Producer: JSC Spectroscopic Systems

  SMA2 Multielemement, mltisensor linear detector. Base of EMAS-200 spectrometers

Scanning spectrometer module
Producer: JSC Spectroscopic Systems
The instrument intended for data collection from scanning spectrometers with step-motor monochromators. Supported two counting channels (for PMT) 100 Mhz bandwidth and two 16bit ADC channels. Measurement from all the 4 channels is taken during scan. External or timed internal stobes.

LAEMS-2048 atomic emission spectrometer with Laser excitation
Producer: JSC Spectroscopic Systems

Solar PV1251 SOLAR PV1251C.
Spectrophotometers produced by JSC "SOLAR".

FTIR spectrometer produced by Infraspek

Linear sensor chambers procuced by ORMINS company

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