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Products and Services offered by our company

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UniChromChromatographic Data system software UniChromtm. Unique approach to general chromatographic methods. Suitable for GC and LC analysis either. Supported wide range of analytical instruments.
Methodical and metrological system support. Development of new analytical methods with the help of our UniChrom Data System.
Detailed hydrocarbon analysis and petrol analysis using UniChrom-DHA software add-on.
Complete solution shipment for particular chromatographic analysis branches.
We make chromatographic solution based on well-known chromatographic equipment suppliers.

Data Acquisition and Measurement

LabNETLabNET - Laboratory Data acquisition ADC network. It is an new look at data collection problem. Our solution allows make measurement infrastructure in entire industrial laboratory either as at single workplace.
GTS - system validation and testing device.


Atomic Emission Spectrometry

UniChrom VisiOn / n-VisiOn VisiOn - Data system for CCD/ PDA detectors made by JSC "Spectroscopic Systems". Intended for qualitative/quantitative elemental analysis, method development.

n-VisiOn system - the extension on VisiOn supports also scanning spectrometers developed by JSC "Spectroscopic Systems".

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